Mitt’s Problem in a Sentence

Peggy Noonan says this of Jon Huntsman,* but I think it’s true and telling about Mitt:

“Voters don’t take to you when they know you don’t take to them.”  That’s it, that’s his problem, and it saves a lot of money on consultants and focus groups.

Come November, it will be the epitaph of his campaign.

Speaking of Mitt, Noonan has this to say:

“We learned Mitt Romney is not a greatly improved candidate from four years ago. He has endurance and discipline: He wants this thing. The reason why is still not fully clear. His political instincts and sense of subject matter are not much better than they were in 2008. The awkwardness continues.”  Emphasis added.

*  “It’s Over.  What Have We Learned?”  WSJ

One comment on “Mitt’s Problem in a Sentence

  1. quinersdiner says:

    Peggy is the best, and she says it the best.

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