Cooler Heads Starting to Prevail on Hilary Rosen

From Linda Hirshman, “Hilary Rosen was right,” WaPo:

“Beltway pundit Hilary Rosen committed a mortal sin of American politics.  She spoke the truth with a microphone on.

“In the furor, everyone seemed to forget that unpaid mothers and household work are not what the discussion is about.  Republicans are not talking about how jobs for stay-at-home moms have decreased under Obama.

“They are talking about how paid work for women has suffered.

“Although Ann Romney may be a fine spokesperson on some issues, the dirty little secret of angling for female votes is that while all women’s work, inside or outside the home, has the same worth, as Michelle Obama and Barbara Bush sweetly expressed, all women do not have the same interests.  Women who work in the home do not have the same interest in the recovery of the formal job market as women who have to work for pay.  Indeed, wage-earning women probably have more in common with their paycheck-dependent male co-workers on the subject of economic recovery than with household laborers such as Ann Romney.”

Ann Romney may have skipped a meal so she could fit into an evening dress, but she’s never skipped a meal so her children could eat instead.  Mitt’s relying on Ann about women’s economic issues just keeps him inside the closed loop of their charmed life together.  He doesn’t have a clue, and neither does she.

They both are picture perfect for the bubble of La Jolla.  The White House, not so much.

2 comments on “Cooler Heads Starting to Prevail on Hilary Rosen

  1. The bottom line is that Ann Romney never did work a day in her life outside the home which was totally her choice. If she wants to call child rearing work, she could have stopped at one. If she wanted a career outside the home she could have snapped her highly polished finger nailed fingers.
    Do you think Ann changed all the diapers, washed all the clothes, dishes, cooked all the meals, took the kids to school, and all the other motherly chores. Or DID SHE HAVE HELP?

  2. Asking a millionaire’s wife for advice about what women think is not going to burst the Mitt Romney millionaire bubble. He has no clue what single moms are going through, but he sure is trying hard to sell lots of bumperstickers about them right now. All while promising to cut women’s health services and overturn Roe v Wade.

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