The Double Standard on Religion

When it was revealed that Marco Rubio had been born a Catholic, but was a Mormon from about ages 8 to 13 when his family lived in Nevada, before going back to being a Catholic again in Florida, it was a one-day, who-cares story.

President Obama lived in Indonesia with his mother and stepfather for a shorter time than Rubio was a Mormon, but during some of those same childhood years.  Yet much is made of Obama’s time there and exposure to Islam, with all this talk about it being during his formative, impressionable years.

If it’s a nothing story about Rubio and Mormonism, why is it a big deal about Obama and Islam?  That question was directed at you, Fox News.  No one says Rubio is a “secret” Mormon.

As for Rubio being Mitt’s Veep, I don’t see it as a “two Mormon” problem, I see it as a “two slick guys” problem.  Both of them are slick and smarmy by themselves.  Put them together and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, and you’ve got a presidential ticket oozing slickness.  You don’t want the two of them on a stage together.  Not a good vibe.


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