Newtie Doesn’t Get the Memo

Newtie has released a statement vowing to stay in the race till Tampa and asking Santorum’s supporters to join him.

Newt has no money and is not about to sell off Callista’s Tiffany baubles to keep going.  He’ll just continue Wizard-of-Oz style as a giant talking head rather than as a functioning campaign.

Mitt has the nomination he’s been fighting for since early in his single term as Massachusetts governor.  The only remaining question is whether that nomination is worth anything.

4 comments on “Newtie Doesn’t Get the Memo

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    It’s worth millions to the media who will carry his campaign messages right to the garbage heap.

  2. quinersdiner says:

    Yes, his nomination is worth something. I agree with you that it is a flawed candidacy. Some of his instincts are good. But I don’t know if we can count on him in certain areas. I think he can win, because Obama has a worse record. But Romney’s Massachusetts record isn’t going to help him either. Should be an interesting campaign.

    • People just don’t like Mitt, especially women. I don’t think it’s his Mormonism, which I know he will blame if he loses, I think it’s him! Think of how much more likable someone like Huckabee is.

  3. Patti Kuche says:

    Mitt’s hot! He could have been a model. For polyester bri-nylon slacks and hand-knitted sweaters. . . . then he opens his mouth and tries to convince everyone he is POTUS material. It’s not working. Both he and the Newt, and possibly every other candidate, seem to come red flagged with father issues.

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