We’ll See Newt in the General — in Obama Ads

From “Obama’s not-so-secret weapon:  Newt Gingrich,” Brian Montopoli, CBS News:

“In January, Gingrich flat-out called Romney a liar and suggested his rival is someone who will ‘lie to you when they are president.’  He has attacked Romney’s record in the business world, saying that Romney and his Bain compatriots were ‘rich guys looting’ who ‘made a lot of money while people were going broke.’  And Gingrich last year deemed the Paul Ryan budget, which Romney has largely embraced, ‘radical’ and ‘right-wing social engineering’….

“Gingrich’s criticisms play into perhaps the two strongest arguments the Obama campaign will use against Romney:  That [he] is an out-of-touch plutocrat unconcerned with the working man, and that he is pushing a ‘radical’ agenda on the American people.”

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