No One Likes a Loser

Rick “Savanarola” Santorum’s lead in Pennsylvania has evaporated.  Mitt’s now up by about 5.

If Frothy stubbornly stays in and loses his home state (again), he won’t be able to run in 2016.  He’ll be toast.   And not toast with a likeness of the Virgin Mary you can sell on eBay.  Badly burned toast, charred and crispy as Savanarola himself ended up for his extremism.

So Frothy really needs to get out not just for Mitt and the GOP, but for self-preservation.

One comment on “No One Likes a Loser

  1. He need to get out of his own way now so he’ll be able to con his supporters into funding a run in 2016 at which time he’ll need to get out of his own way until 2020, and 2024 and as long as this moron’s delusion persists.

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