Mitt and Newt Partied in New Orleans

Ok, they probably didn’t party, but they did meet in Nawlins last Friday morning at Mitt’s hotel.  Mitt confirmed a leaked report of the meeting, but wouldn’t talk about substance.

Sounds like a good premise for an SNL skit, especially with the New Orleans setting.  Newt in a Stanley Kowalski undershirt outside Romney’s window, screaming, “MITTENS!”  Or maybe Newt as Blanche in a floral dress, picture hat, and white gloves.  He’s about as finished and washed-up as she was.

I’m finding something homoerotic about Newt and Mitt in a hotel room in the French Quarter.

2 comments on “Mitt and Newt Partied in New Orleans

  1. quinersdiner says:

    Your last sentence is in poor taste.

    • I know, but writing for myself and not as the voice of a politician these days, I feel liberated and able to express my quirky/snarky side. Mitt strikes me as so repressed, and Newt has had so many women in his past that it’s as if he were trying to prove something about his masculinity, that I couldn’t help think it.
      Your post about your nephew was lovely. My husband had an Aunt Virginia with Down Syndrome whom he grew up with, and she was always happy too, although he said that she had a sarcastic side as well.

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