When Pro-Life Meets Real Life

From Frank Bruni’s column “Rethinking His Religion” in today’s NYT:

“He shared a story about one of the loudest abortion foes he ever encountered, a woman who stood year in and year out on a ladder, so that her head would be above other protesters’ as she shouted ‘murderer’ at him and other doctors and ‘whore’ at every woman who walked into the clinic.

“One day she was missing. ‘I thought, I hope she’s O.K.,’ he recalled.  He walked into an examining room to find her there.  She needed an abortion and had come to him because, she explained, he was a familiar face.  After the procedure, she assured him she wasn’t like all those other women:  loose, unprincipled.

“She told him:  ‘I don’t have the money for a baby right now.  And my relationship isn’t where it should be.’

“‘Nothing like life,’ he responded, ‘to teach you a little more.’

“A week later, she was back on her ladder.”

6 comments on “When Pro-Life Meets Real Life

  1. Grand old party of hypocrites.

  2. Allgoodd says:

    Unfortunately this shows how much most people in this country know about the things they oppose. Nothing. I’ve never personally known anyone who’s gone through an abortion but not wanting to give someone the right to choose something about his/her own life is extremely self-centered and bigoted. If you don’t know anything about a person, how do you know what’s best for them?

  3. Patti Kuche says:

    That’s old time religion for you and one very powerful piece by Frank Bruni.

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