Politicians and Religion

A new Pew poll finds that 38% of those surveyed said that politicians talk too much about religious faith, while 30% said they should talk about it more.  There was a strong divide along party lines, with 52% of Democrats saying there was too much talk, but only 27% of Republicans.

This in an interesting contrast to 2010, when only 29% said there was too much religious talk and 37% said there was too little.

In the current survey, 54% said that religious institutions should stay out of politics, while 40% said they should not.



One comment on “Politicians and Religion

  1. I personally think that religion should stay out of politics. It causes many problems *ahem Rick Santorum*. Furthermore, if they were to warmly embrace equality, there should be no official religion, as it isn’t fair to Muslims, or Jews, or Buddhists, and so on.

    It’s as if politics was vinegar, and religion was baking soda. Add too much religion, and there will a problem.

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