More on Mitt’s Etch A Sketch

“Fehrnstrom’s comments were correct in a general sense, but they were a blunder in a bigger strategic sense.  Any time you step on the message of big victory in a big state [Illinois] and simultaneously the endorsement of one of the most important political figures in your party [Jeb Bush], you know you have messed up.”  John Feehery, “Etch A Sketch,” The Hill.

I’m sure Eric Fehrnstrom wishes he could shake that CNN interview and erase it.

Everyone knows that you move to the center in the general, so Fehnstrom wasn’t really making news.  His problem was that the guy he works for has been such a shameless flip flopper and has no core convictions.  If a Santorum adviser had made the exact same comment, it wouldn’t have caused such a stir.

It’s not just what you say, it’s who you are.  Every comment is judged by the overarching narrative, and this is where Mitt’s narrative is especially weak and problematic.

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