A Bargain for the Yankees

Andy Pettitte arrived for Yankees’ spring training as a guest instructor and decided to stay.  The Yankees always welcome their prodigal sons with open arms and a big feast.  Especially those who have won 19 postseason games.

If — a big if — he works out, he could be one of the great pitching bargains of the decade.  He has a one-year, nonguaranteed, minor-league contract with no incentives for $2.5 million.  If he doesn’t work out, that’s chump change for the Yankees.

If Pettitte makes it back to the majors, which they’re hoping for by early May, he and Jeter and Mo will have one more year together.  Maybe one more postseason, maybe one more championship.

2 comments on “A Bargain for the Yankees

  1. That scenario is as unlikely as a Santorum presidency.
    Sorry Yankee fan, that’s, as Guiliani would say, “the reality of the situation.”

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