Mitt and Rick Not Profiles in Courage on Afghanistan

Both Mitt and Santorum find it easy to criticize President Obama’s handling of Afghanistan.  But when it comes to offering their own solutions, they’re not so bold.

On ABC’s “This Week,” Santorum said we should either commit to winning or get out.  Which course would he take as commander in chief?  He wouldn’t say.

Same with Mitt.  On “Fox News Sunday,” he spouted word salad worthy of Sarah Palin in trying to address Afghanistan without committing himself to a policy position.  He said he needed to consult with our commanders on the ground before saying what he’d do.  But everyone knows enough about what’s going on to formulate the broad outlines of a policy.  We know about the corruption, about the slow progress in training the Afghan army and police, about our soldiers being killed by Afghans who are supposedly working with us, about the continued safe havens for the Taliban in Pakistan that let them elude us.

I think it’s reasonable to expect GOP candidates who accuse Obama of failing in Afghanistan to explain what they would do differently and how they would succeed.




2 comments on “Mitt and Rick Not Profiles in Courage on Afghanistan

  1. Neither Santorum or Romney have the common sense to know when to abandon a sinking ship or get the he’ll out of a burning building.
    It may look like it, but it’s no more complicated than that. Ask the Russians.

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