Ann Romney Condescends As Well As Mitt

Here’s something cringe-worthy from Ann Romney campaigning in Illinois today:

“And I love it that women are upset, too, that women are talking about the economy, I love that.  Women are talking about jobs, women are talking about deficit spending.  Thank you, women.  We need you.  We all need you in November, too.  We have to remember why we’re upset and what we’ve got to do to fix things.”

Wow, women are worrying their pretty little heads about deficit spending.  Can you imagine?  It must be all that “college” they’ve been going to, you know the place where they hand out birth control pills.  Some of the sluts must be reading economics textbooks in between one sex partner and the next.

I’m guessing the same person wrote this who wrote that tone-deaf crap Mitt spouted in Puerto Rico.  That person shouldn’t be fired, he or she should be shot.  Don’t you just feel as if you’ve been patted on the head, as if you’re five years old?

Don’t worry, Ann, I’ll remember why I’m upset.  And I’ll be hearing so much more from the GOP between now and November to remind me.

2 comments on “Ann Romney Condescends As Well As Mitt

  1. The Romney’s, a perfect choice for a walk on role in “Mad Men”. They’ve never left the 60’s.

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