The Taliban Are Here

As part of the GOP’s war on women, Republican-controlled states (Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona) have, or are moving towards, outrageous laws destroying the doctor-patient relationship.  These laws say that if a doctor withholds information about known birth defects in order to prevent you from having an abortion, you can’t sue him for malpractice!  So you can’t trust your own doctor to tell you what he knows about your pregnancy.  It’s none of your business!

Even though early tests are now available, if there’s devastating news, you won’t discover it in time to exercise your constitutional right to terminate, you’ll find out in the delivery room.  Surprise!  Who needs science, when we have religion?

We’re so busy fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan that we don’t seem to realize we have our own Taliban problem here at home.

4 comments on “The Taliban Are Here

  1. aherkenhoff says:

    It seems like the Republicans are trying to lose. In the big picture this could actually be good for the country. Let the right wing crazies have their way, alienate voters and lose elections. Then maybe sensible moderates like Jon Huntsman can retake the Republican party. Good post.

    • I like Huntsman too and was going to vote for him in the primary. But it says a lot about where the GOP is right now that he’s thought of as moderate. His record in Utah is pretty conservative.

  2. Santorum is the President of the United States of Taliban

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