Pure Genius!

Someone working for President Obama deserves an enormous raise, and a big hug and kiss.  How’s this for the best framing ever?

Speaking to the UAW in Toledo, Ohio, Joe Biden proclaimed, “Stated simply, we’re about promoting the private sector.  They’re about protecting the privileged sector.”  Italics added.

How incredibly clever is this?  The GOP nominee will of course try to frame the election as the Democrats are for the public sector, while we’re for the private sector.

As Republicans slog it out in their primaries, the Obama campaign uses its jump on the the general to disavow the public sector, claim the private sector, and pin the privileged sector on their opponents.

This is brilliant.  Eat your heart out, Karl Rove.

One comment on “Pure Genius!

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    Pure poetry.

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