Mitt Has Splaining To Do, Dumping Dollars Into Illinois

Jonathan Martin has a thoughtful analysis (“Mitt Romney muddles on”) over at Politico of where things stand:

“Romney will face renewed questions about his difficulty appealing to the core of the GOP and will be on the spot to score a win in Illinois next week.

“Even more important, the establishment favorite needs to explain why…he can’t seem to put away underfunded rivals who are viewed by many in the party as general election disasters.

“And as the GOP clash enters spring, it increasingly appears to be taking place on parallel tracks that haven’t quite merged.

“‘There’s the delegate reality, which favors Mitt,’ said GOP strategist Mike Murphy. ‘And then there’s the narrative reality, which tonight is that Mitt just lost two more.’

“‘Mitt’s got to win Illinois — that’s the bottom line,’ said Murphy….

“Romney is already pouring cash into the Land of Lincoln, putting down nearly $1 million dollars for a TV buy there while his super PAC drops $2.4 million on ads in the state.

“A Chicago Tribune/WGN poll showed Romney up narrowly in the state, but that was before Santorum’s Deep South triumph and Gingrich’s fade.”


4 comments on “Mitt Has Splaining To Do, Dumping Dollars Into Illinois

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    If the Supreme Court Justices who voted for unlimited pack money in political campaigns were dead, they’d be rolling in their graves. Too bad they’re alive.

  2. jlk2004 says:

    He may have “some splaining to do” but I for one would prefer if he would just shut up and go away! Everytime he says something he proves he has no clue how normal people live! Go Figure!

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