I Have a New Enemy!

One of the dumbest things I have read or heard in a long time (and bear in mind that I watch Sarah Palin appearances on Fox) is “‘War on Women’ Narrative is Risky Business,” by Sabrina L. Schaeffer (aka my new enemy) at The Hill’s Pundit Blogs.  Here’s a sample:

“And what about the White House’s attempt to intervene in food policy, where it recently took it upon itself to judge home-packed lunches, giving women even less control over how they choose to feed their families?”

Yeah, how about those lunches?  Because if we lose our birth control and abortion rights, think of all the school lunches we are going to have to pack each morning.

Schaeffer is listed on Pundit Blogs as the Executive Director of the Independent Women’s Forum.  So I Googled that and found “The Independent Women’s Forum is on a mission [from God?] to expand the conservative coalition….”  Emphasis added.  Um, then shouldn’t they be the Conservative Women’s Forum?

As for Schaeffer herself, her background is all GOP — worked for Gov. George Voinovitch (R-Ohio), the Republican Jewish Coalition, the American Enterprise Institute.  Nothing “independent” about her.

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