Fox Treats Mitt Like a Hen

Roger Ailes’ pet Megyn Kelly oozes ambition and is clearly gunning for a prime-time show on Fox News (goodbye Greta?) rather than her current daytime slot.  So she’s going to look for opportunities to generate buzz and attention to her sleepy afternoon backwater.

Mitt Romney was her opportunity du jour.

Expecting a warm and fuzzy chat, a sympathetic setting to lick his wounds after the South’s revenge on his Yankee ass, because she’s not supposed to be Mike Wallace on Sunday morning for Christ’s sake, Mitt was clearly taken aback when Kelly played a clip from a 2008 presidential debate, where Mitt said he liked [health care] mandates and Fred Thompson ridiculed him.  Those mandates requiring people to buy health insurance that for some reason are a fantastic idea for Massachusetts (Romneycare), but a terrible idea for the rest of the country (Obamacare).

Mitt looked miserable as he danced around Megyn’s request for an explanation of the tape.  There is a very good explanation, but unfortunately, Mitt can’t use it.  The truth is that he now hates mandates not for anything to do health care, but simply because they hurt his chances of becoming president.

Don’t expect to see Mitt and Megyn together again anytime soon.

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