Say Good Night, Newtie

Santorum wins both Alabama and Mississippi.

Newt is done.  He stayed in past the point where he could help himself and has only been helping Romney.  Now, even if he refuses to get off the stage, he may not even be able to do that.  If you’re a “not-Mitt” voter, you’re going to vote for Santorum.

Mitt outspent Santorum two to one in Alabama and five to one in Mississippi.  Money can’t buy him love.

2 comments on “Say Good Night, Newtie

  1. I dont think the davey crockett song and away game comments helped.

  2. His narcissism will keep him in the race until the bitter end. Mr. Pancake face, moon colony fanatic became irrelevant many moons ago, heh heh. I hope he fades into obscurity, but I fear he will keep lumbering onward..or shall I say stumbling forward…

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