Why Republican Primary Voters Don’t Like Mitt

An interesting Wall Street Journal/NBC poll asked Republican primary voters to rank their problems with Mitt, with a list of six items to choose from.

His flip-flopping came in first, with his wealth/inability to relate to average people second.

His Mormon religion came in last as a concern.

Now it may be that we’re seeing the “Bradley effect” here, where people don’t want to admit they’re voting against somebody based on his race or his religion, so he does worse than he polls, but I don’t think so.  I think voters have so many good reasons not to want Mitt for their president, that they don’t even have to get to the Mormon issue in their minds.

If he doesn’t get the nomination (very unlikely) or doesn’t win the White House (very likely), we’ll hear it was because he was a Mormon, that he was a victim of prejudice.  But I really think voters are rejecting Mitt the human being, not Mitt the Mormon.

He’s a victim of his character flaws, not his church.

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