Is the Gender Gap Becoming a Gender Chasm?

The “gender gap,” which helped kill John McCain’s chances in 2008, when President Obama got 56% of women’s votes in an election where they cast 53% of the ballots, is threatening to become a “gender chasm” for Mitt Romney.

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows the President leading by 18% among women against Mitt.  With Mitt up by 6 among men, that translates into a 6% overall lead for President Obama.

The way I see it, it’s not just that Democrat women will turn out heavily for the President and Independents will turn to him, as they see their reproductive freedom under threat from the right.   I believe he’ll get Republican women who voted for Bush and McCain, back when everybody thought birth control wasn’t an issue anymore (silly us).

Mitt’s in a tough spot.  Already mistrusted by social conservatives, the VP picks who help him with the base, choices like Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida or Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia, hurt him with women.

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