Newt As “Moldering Lemon”

Great post by Amy Davidson at The New Yorker, “Super Tuesday:  Four Shades of Resentment”:

“Gingrich…was a soft package of sour narcissism, like a moldering lemon with a sunken white fuzzy spot where his head should be. … He turned an isolated win in a losing campaign into an occasion to recite an enemies list.  ‘I hope the analysts in Washington and New York, who spent June and July explaining our campaign was dead, will watch this,’ he said.

“It took several minutes for Gingrich’s railing about wrongs other Republicans had done to him (‘the Reagan negative ad, that is a total lie, O.K.?’) to be joined by his contempt for Obama (‘shallow,’ ‘deliciously incoherent,’ ‘debating him would be just one of those moments where you could almost sell tickets for charity’).”

And more in that vein for all four candidates if you head to  The speeches were all uniformly awful.  Big audience, big wasted opportunity for free media.

One comment on “Newt As “Moldering Lemon”

  1. Irony of the 2011-2012 republican primary for the nomination:
    None of the clowns can beat Obama.
    All the money the clowns have spent so far on their H.M.S. Titanic republican nomination quest has wound up in the hands of the “elite leftist media”, whom they detest, to be followed by a whole big batch of new money from the ultimate nominee qhich will also wind up in the hands/coffers of the elite leftist media.
    I love it!

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