And President Obama Wins Super Tuesday

Mitt gave a stumbling speech tonight, sounding exhausted and as wooden and passionless as a Cigar Store Indian Native American.  He seemed out of sync with his energetic, chanting crowd.

At one point, when he was trying to say he was going to get President Obama out of the White House, he almost said “out of the out house.”

Santorum rambled, but he rambled with passion and energy.  He went on and on, while I worried about his mom, in her 90’s, standing there without a chair.

Newt whined and complained and reinforced his image as a petulant baby.  He falsely said he’s been able to stay in the race because of all the folks giving small amounts at  He’s been able to stay in the race because of one guy, Sheldon Adelson, giving millions.  He railed against the establishment.  If you live in a mansion in McLean, drive a Cadillac Escalade and a BMW, have an office on K Street, get paid tens of millions of dollars to lobby Congress, and take cruises to the Greek Islands, when you look in the mirror every morning in your marble bathroom with the chandelier, you are looking at the establishment.

A good night for President Obama.

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