The GOP and Birth Control

I am fed up with those seeking to minimize the GOP’s sudden focus on birth control in the presidential race.  I reject those who say it doesn’t matter or it’s a silly sideshow.

If there’s truly nothing to see here and we should move on, the party needs to come out forcefully and unequivocally for birth control.  But they won’t because they’re pushing these extreme “personhood” amendments at the state level that would outlaw not just abortion, but hormonal forms of birth control that have long been accepted and used in this country.

All of the Republican presidential candidates have come out in favor of these “personhood” amendments, which means they oppose birth control.

If Rick Santorum chose to say, “My wife and I personally choose not to use birth control,” I would have no problem with that.  But that’s not what he’s saying.  He’s saying, “Contraception is not okay.”  That’s very scary, and we need to take him at his word.

Let’s learn from the 2010 elections.  Everyone thought the Tea Party that elected Republican governors and state legislators stood for smaller government and less spending, that the movement was about economic issues.  But as soon as these people got into office, they focused on social issues, especially abortion.  All of a sudden 80 laws were passed restricting abortion.

The 2012 election should be about the economy, but if they want to make it about social issues, go ahead, make the Democrats’ day.

One comment on “The GOP and Birth Control

  1. “Go ahead, and make my day!”

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