Republican Debate

Mitt clearly packed the hall tonight.  He had a strong performance, as did Newt, but it doesn’t really matter so much for Newt.  It was a missed opportunity — maybe his last — for Santorum.  Santorum had some strong moments, but overall he was defensive and often meandering.  If I’m Mitt, I’m breathing a big sigh of relief tonight.  He looked and sounded presidential.

I was troubled by Mitt’s answer on Syria when he said that we should reach out to the Alawites and tell them that if they dump Assad, we will help them.  Realistically, how much could we do for them?  They are a hated, Shia-related minority that’s been running the country for decades and taking the best jobs and most of the wealth, and there is huge pent-up resentment against them.  Even if we tried, could we stop them from being massacred or at least stripped of much of their wealth and power and influence in a new Syria, not ruled by a member of the Assad family?  I don’t think so.  So his answer seemed incredibly naive to me.

Mitt then went on to say that if we could pull Syria and Lebanon away from Iran, there would be more of a chance for sanctions to work.  I think Iran would be more determined than ever to get nuclear weapons.  I don’t see a solution to Iran going nuclear other than a military one, unfortunately.   There is no reasoning or negotiating with this Iranian regime.  President Obama has given them every chance.

So tonight’s debate didn’t give me any comfort that Mitt has a realistic grasp of how to deal with Iran.

Also, I can’t stand it when Mitt takes credit for Massachusetts’ top-rated schools.  Massachusetts has had outstanding public schools since the mid-seventeenth century.  His single term as governor had nothing to  do with it.  He’s the rooster taking credit for the sun rise.

2 comments on “Republican Debate

  1. Just one point. Obama has actively tried NOT to negotiate with Iran. They’ve reached out to the US several times. The last time was right before Obama slapped the last round of sanctions on them. They agreed to comply with UN mandates but if Obama reversed himself he would have looked silly so he ignored them. Iran is the victim in this little flim flam.

  2. The clowns continue to disparage Obama’s foreign policy accomplishments of supporting the Egyptian revolution without putting Americans on the ground, backing NATO forces and leading the UN resolutions against Kadafy’s Libia, killing Bin Ladin in a well planned and executed Navy Seal Team 6 operation amidst Pakastani resistance and untold other obstacles, and keeping Iran at bay by challenging their rhetoric and saber rattling by increasing sanctions and gathering worldwide consensus about the necessity of Assad’s ouster or resignation.

    But of course, these clowns would on “day one of their presidency” restore the planet earth to peace and harmony, end all human disease and suffering, and have us all live happily ever after.

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