No Ashes for Newtie

Today is Ash Wednesday besides being Republican debate day.  I had expected to tune in to the debate and see Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum with ashes on their foreheads.  But Newtie has said he won’t get ashes this year.

Given that only one of our presidents so far has been Catholic (and he was assassinated!), I think it’s important that both the Catholics remaining in the race show that they are comfortable in their faith and thus in their own skins.  I’m disappointed in Newt for avoiding this outward symbol of his Catholicism during a national debate.  It seems cowardly to me.


9 comments on “No Ashes for Newtie

  1. quinersdiner says:

    I just came from the Ash Wednesday service. I like Newt, and I’m not put off that he is not going to have ashes on his forehead. Either way is a political loser I suppose, kind of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. For the record, Ash Wednesday is not a holy day of obligation.

    • I know it’s not a holy day of obligation, but he makes such a big deal of how Catholicism has changed his life and what devout Catholics he and Callista are. Even though it’s not an obligation, you went and I am going (I’m on west coast time), as are millions of our fellow Catholics, so I think it would have appropriate to see him at the debate table tonight with his ashes.

      • quinersdiner says:

        Fair enough. Have you heard Santorum say anything? In other words, will he be wearing ashes?

      • I haven’t been able to find an ash story about Santorum, but will continue to look for one. I assume he will. I remember Joe Biden wearing ashes when Obama gave a major speech to Congress, and I was very pleased to see that.
        Blessings to you this Lent!

      • quinersdiner says:

        Thanks, same to you. I writing a blog post on my favorite faith-based movies to watch during Lent. Do you have a favorite?

      • I don’t have a favorite, but I will check out your blog.
        I became a Catholic at Easter Vigil in 2007.

      • I see you are a Red Sox fan. I grew up in Boston, but am a Yankee fan now (long story). I can’t wait for the season to start, and the Yankees-Sox games are the best. I live outside San Francisco now, but will be moving back to Rye Beach, New Hampshire, in a couple of years, when my husband and I retire. Our NH house is half a mile from the ocean and a couple of blocks from church.

      • quinersdiner says:

        Rough year for Red Sox fans last year. By the way, how did you come up with the name “Embattled Farmers?”

      • From the Emerson poem — “By the rude bridge that arched the flood, Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled, Here once the embattled farmers stood, And fired the shot heard ’round the world…”
        Concord Bridge is my favorite place in the whole world.

        I think it looks like a good year for the Sox.

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