A Small Step in the Right Direction in Virginia

Virginia is still requiring an ultrasound before you can get an abortion, but they changed it from a physically-invasive trans-vaginal ultrasound to a trans-abdominal ultrasound.

But I think any ultrasound requirement is unconstitutional.

5 comments on “A Small Step in the Right Direction in Virginia

  1. quinersdiner says:

    Why? My dentist has to do an x-ray before filling a cavity. An x-ray, ultrasound, or MRI are done before any sort of surgery. Why should this single procedure be exempt, especially when it can save human lives?

    • It’s not routinely done before an abortion. I have no problem if a doctor wants to do it for medical reasons, obviously.
      I don’t believe government should impose any medical procedure as part of having an abortion that a doctor wouldn’t do otherwise. There’s no medical purpose here, it’s just to try to delay the abortion (there’s a waiting period after the ultrasound) and get a woman to change her mind.

  2. lauraflarida says:

    I’m really on the fence about this. I religiously believe against abortion but do see circumstatial reasons to have them. If abortions are being used as a birth control method, I believe it may be something that would wake somebody up to the murder they are commiting. Yes I know that’s a harsh word “murder” but when you see a creature gasping for air as it is dieing, I believe it to be life changing. Those that don’t care won’t care when they see that. I have a friend who is athiest (?sp) who said, “put your religious beliefs aside and look at it realisticly. This world is over populated and we have too many on medicade and government assistance.” I am a nurse. I am one who whole heartedly believes in LIFE. I also believe that there are so many that can’t have children that would love to have those that are being aborted. For natural abortions, ones that can’t be avoided where fetus cannot survive for some reason, parents want those children most of the time and have to suffer through seeing an ultrasound where their child is dying or dead already. If there is any way to save a life, I believe that every attempt should be made in order to do so. This topic is so touchy no matter how you word it. I do understand you feel it is against constitutional rights but I feel like banning smokers from smoking in public is just as much against peoples constitutional rights. I also believe making it socialized medicine is against constitutional rights. That word is very strong. There has to be law and order even if people have constitutional rights. Just my opinion.

    • I don’t believe people use abortion as birth control. I don’t think anyone wants to have an abortion or does so lightly. If a fetus is far enough along that it can gasp for air, then I think it should be way too late to have an abortion.
      Thanks for your heart-felt comment.

  3. lauraflarida says:

    Oh, and also, yes, I believe the transvaginal ultra-sound was very invaisive.

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