The Christian Version of Sharia

It is ironic and very sad that the same people who are so worried about Sharia law somehow being imposed here, who are trying to pass unnecessary laws to prevent that, are the same people who are trying to impose their own version of Sharia on the rest of us.  The same people who claim to love the First Amendment so much are showing that love by beating the crap out of it.

2 comments on “The Christian Version of Sharia

  1. *cough* Rick Santorum *cough*

  2. philowitz says:

    It goes beyond Santorum, though of course he is the poster boy of the theocrats. Think of the assumption lurking in the background of the coverage of the bishops rejection of the contraceptive coverage compromise: that their position is both coherent and moral. The way in which that coverage suddenly ramped up a faux moral controversy over birth control (when the only controversy should be over its excessive cost—the pill has been around for half a century, so why does it cost so much?)—lurking in the background is the idea that there is a genuine moral question here. But to get to this assumption you have to equate ‘moral’ with hard core catholic or fundamentalist.

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