Quote of the Day

“Iran is the most irresponsible force in the world.  I hope the sanctions will have an effect, but so far they have not.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to Cyprus.

I don’t think it’s a question of if Israel will strike Iran, just when.  We’re just spinning our wheels with sanctions — and they’re spinning centrifuges.

Allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons would be an enormous setback in the war on terror, a war in which President Obama can proudly claim many successes.

One comment on “Quote of the Day

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    There are many layers and nuances in this message from Netanyahu.

    1.He is claiming that Iran is the most dangerous country in the world.
    2.Sanctions haven’t workeed and won’t work.
    3.Iran would strike Israel if they had a nuclear weapon, without hesitation.
    4.Israel will make a preemptive strike against Iran.
    5.Israel will strike Iran whenever they deem it necessary, without hesitation.
    6.Justifying a preemptive strike against Iran by claiming Iran’s obtaining nukes would be a setback on the “war on terror”.
    7.Placating Obama by lauding his successes, Israel intends to and will have its own successes.

    Netanyahu could have said it this way:

    Iran, you have f….. with us and now we are going to f… you up!

    When I think of the hostage taking back in the Carter years and his ineffective and inept response by concocting an ill equipped helicopter rescue mission which failed miserably, freeing not one hostage, but rather killing Americans in the desert, I wish we had an Obama in place as Commander in Chief.

    It’s true that the Navy Seal Team 6 of today is far more advanced than anything we had then, but, let’s face it; Iran, which had just overthrown the Shah in a successful revolution, substituting the U.S. supported Shah’s regime with a 12th century theocracy, committed an act of war on America not only by its trespass upon the soverign ground of our embassy, but by the barbaric taking of hostages, blindfolding them and prancing them in front of the world media.

    Carter had no balls and mishandled the situation horribly. The United States should have responded militarily and mightily.

    Regan, resolved the “hostage crisis” and avoided bloodshed (God only knows what political machinations were going between the U.S. and the hostage takers of Iran during the U.S. Presidential race as the hostage crisis ended minutes after Regan took office).

    Ultimately, Iran has prevailed since 1978 over the world as a giant thorn in its side and what Netanyahu hasreally said given the above-referenced political synopsis is:

    “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!!”

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