Contraception Fight Divides GOP

President Obama seems to have united Dems behind him with his changes to the rule on providing free contraception under Obamacare.

Now it is the GOP that is splitting.  GOP leaders in the House and Senate are pushing legislation to abolish the rule altogether, so that contraception would not be covered.  But Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both R-Maine, are expressing satisfaction with Obama’s new policy, which has women deal directly with insurance companies when a religious-affiliated employer has First Amendment objections to providing contraceptive coverage.

The more extreme the GOP position, the more they will alienate women voters in 2012.

Marco Rubio, R-FL, who is leading the anti-contraception fight in the Senate and is being pushed for Veep, laughingly says that all of his four children were unplanned.  I don’t know if his wife thinks this is funny, but a lot of women, including many Catholic women, don’t.  He and Speaker Boehner, who is leading the fight in the House, are hopelessly out of touch on this issue, as usual.

One comment on “Contraception Fight Divides GOP

  1. Too bad contraception wasn’t used by the parents of these GOP ers.

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