Let’s Learn from the People of Massachusetts

From “Romney’s Path on Abortion,” by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, NYT:

“By 2005, with Mr. Romney eyeing a possible presidential bid, he began to distance himself from his abortion rights platform. ‘My political philosophy is pro-life,’ he told National Review….  That same article quoted his top strategist at the time, Mike Murphy, as saying Mr. Romney has been ‘a pro-life Mormon faking it as a pro-choice friendly.‘”  Emphasis added.

Mitt lied on social issues to run for senator and governor.  His “severely conservative” views on social issues represent the real Mitt, views he knew would never get him elected in the Bay State.

Mitt displays the same ruthlessness in politics and in business.  It’s all about his “bottom line” of winning and making money.

So what’s he lying about now?  He’s lying about his concern for the middle class because he knows that is a requirement for winning nationally, just as concern for abortion rights was a requirement for winning in Massachusetts.  To paraphrase Mike Murphy, Mitt is a “pro-rich Mormon faking it as a pro-middle class friendly.”

While our states are laboratories for democracy, they can also be laboratories for demagoguery.  Let’s learn from the laboratory of Massachusetts that Mitt is a failed experiment.

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