Fox News’ Phony “Egyptian Hostage Crisis”

Fox News is falsely calling Egyptian charges against 19 American NGO employees “the Egyptian hostage crisis.”  Fewer than half the Americans being charged are still in Egypt, and those still in the country are safe in the American embassy.  The Egyptian government is not holding any of these Americans.

Fox obviously wants to make President Obama look like Jimmy Carter, by making its viewers believe that this incident with Egypt is like the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979, when Iranian revolutionaries overran our embassy and imprisoned our diplomats.

The Egyptian situation is certainly a strain on our relations with the emerging post-Mubarek government, but it is not a hostage crisis.

8 comments on “Fox News’ Phony “Egyptian Hostage Crisis”

  1. j williams says:

    So, how safe is the American embassy if the Muslim Brotherhood decides that the Americans should be tried for their crimes and then executed?

    • Our relationship with Egypt is not great right now, but it’s different from and better than our relationship with Iran in 1979. Egypt would not want to face the consequences of taking over our embassy. I believe the Americans who are still in country are safe.
      If it becomes a hostage crisis, I’ll be the first to call it that, but for now, it’s not, and Fox is just stirring the pot, which isn’t helpful.

      • j williams says:

        The situation does not sound like a hostage crisis, but the situation is not good and the Obama Administration does not seem to be doing much to improve it. It seems to me that we should take a tougher stand in the Middle East. Otherwise our interests in that part of the world will be forfeited. At least Fox News is drawing some attention to the problems there. The rest of the media seem to be ignoring it.

      • Lindsey Graham and John McCain were just in Egypt having meetings on this, and they said they expected it to be resolved soon. I agree it isn’t good, but I don’t think we can say the Obama Administration isn’t doing much. I think they are working hard to get it resolved. We’d certainly want to get those folks out before either we or the Israelis or both do anything against Iran.
        But my point was just that Fox News shouldn’t be calling this a hostage crisis — yet.

  2. Barb says:

    The Americans and other foreigners are being held in Egypt against their will and in captivity. Doubt they can move freely in Egypt but confined inside a building in US Embassey. What else can you call this aside from a hostage crisis?

    • Thanks very much for reading and commenting.

      More them half of the Americans who have been charged are back in the U.S. As for the ones at the Embassy, to me being held hostage means that you are in the physical custody of the bad guys, that they can torture, rape, murder or mutilate you at any moment. I’m not saying it’s a good situation, I just think Fox is inflaming a problem where it would be more helpful to let our government work on it with as little publicity as possible. Fox isn’t trying to help the Americans involved, it’s just trying to hurt Obama.

      • j williams says:

        I don’t see how you can say that Fox News has any particular intention towards Obama. They are reporting a story. It may not be entirely accurate to call the situation a hostage crisis, but the story is what it is and should be reported. The rest of the media is guilty of ignoring the story, so you could say they are covering it up to help Obama. One view point is no more accurate than the other.

      • Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your taking the time to read my posts.
        I base my saying that about Fox News’ intention toward Obama on their treatment of him going back to the last campaign. I say that as a registered Republican, as someone who voted for McCain and W before him.
        I think other outlets may not have covered the story as aggressively because they were asked not to, so as to avoid inflaming the situation and perhaps a storming of our embassy. This happens often in foreign policy stories. Whether such a request would have been more political than legitimately diplomatic in this case is a judgment call media outlets have to decide for themselves.
        Since I wrote that post, I have noticed that Fox hasn’t been talking about it as much as when the charges against the Americans first came down, or at least not the shows I watch.

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