Surprise — Voters Don’t Like Mitt!

According to new Washington Post-ABC News polling, “By better than 2 to 1, Americans say the more they learn about Romney, the less they like him.”*  Emphasis added.

I fully expect this trend to continue.  All his Wall Street contributions plus his own wealth can’t buy him a personality transplant.

For the first time, President Obama is leading Mitt among registered voters, 52-43.

The President has solid leads over Mitt on the issues of looking out for the middle class, conducting foreign affairs, and prosecuting the war on terror.  Usually Republicans score better on issues relating to national security, so this is a big plus for Obama.  It gives him a cushion as he has to deal with Iran between now and the election, showing that Americans trust his decision-making.

The President leads Mitt 52-37 on who better understands Americans’ economic problems.

As for Mitt and his low tax rate, 66% think he isn’t paying enough.  In general, 68% believe the tax code favors the rich rather than the middle class.

The GOP is about to nominate the wrong guy at the wrong time.  He personifies everything Americans believe is wrong and unfair and uncaring about our system.

* “Obama holds edge over Romney in general election matchup, poll finds,” by Dan Balz and Jon Cohen

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