Newt’s Tough Slog Ahead

From Politico*, on why it will be tough for Newt to persevere:

“Veterans of other insurgent campaigns — cause-driven enterprises helmed by charismatic, larger-than-life candidates — question whether Gingrich has what it takes to persist past the point where most practical political calculus points toward a Romney nomination.

Losing primaries, they say, is only part of it. At some stage, pressure from party leaders will become extreme. Crowds will thin out. Media coverage is likely to turn harshly skeptical or even mocking, if it doesn’t start to disappear altogether.

“’It is very difficult to stay in the race when it looks like the fat lady is about to sing or is singing,’ said conservative strategist Greg Mueller, who advised…Pat Buchanan. ‘If the conservative movement had rallied behind Gingrich, then there might be a stronger case for Gingrich to carry the conservative banner all the way to Tampa. But the fact is conservatives are splintered on a Gingrich candidacy.’”  Emphasis added.

* “Why Newt Won’t Quit,” by Alexander Burns

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