The Giant Vampire Squid Strikes Again

Guess who’s contributed the most to Mitt’s campaign?  Goldman Sachs employees and their families.

Are any of these people ever going to prison?  The Occupy people get arrested while the Goldman Sachs people look out the window and laugh.

One comment on “The Giant Vampire Squid Strikes Again

  1. I have been critical of Obama’s administration as long ago as a few months after he took office when I saw this inertia in the justice department instead of aggressively seizing the assets of and indicting the CEO s of Wall Street and their ilk for knowingly selling off worthless financial products and contributing to the massive crash to the U. S. and global economy.
    Think about how aggressive Justice got when the wealthy “suckers” of Bernie Madoff got ripped off. Assets were seized and indictments issued like flies on honey, or rather like flies on shit. And why? Because those “suckers” had the “juice” the influence to make things happen. The foreclosed upon were in the streets worrying about staying alive while Madoff’s victims resigned to live on the few million they had left and force government to get their wealth back.
    I guess this becomes the pun, “There is no Justice.”
    Before giving these felons their taxpayer financed bailout, Justice should have started to seize the money and assets from these 1 percent scum to do it with.

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