The Chutzpah of Mitt Romney

Ya gotta love it — Mitt is criticizing Obama’s State of the Union by saying, “He seemed extraordinarily detached from reality.”

Um, Mittens, if you want detached from reality, look in the mirror and listen to your campaign speeches.

But I guess if your “reality” is accounts in the Cayman Islands and Swiss banks, if your reality is making $57,000 a day, Obama would seem detached from that reality, as would almost all Americans.

One comment on “The Chutzpah of Mitt Romney

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    The reality is, to use an overused expression authored most likely by Rudy Giuliani, Williard Mitt Romney is so detached from reality that he can’t understand that seeking the presidency is easy, but being the president is an impossibility.

    It is an impossibility for Willard Mitt Romney to ever become president of more than a Cub Scout Den for his grandsons.

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