Did Reince Preibus Confuse Obama with Cain?

Reince Preibus, head of the Republican National Committee, bizarrely said that Obama’s State of the Union reminded him of Saturday Night Live.  He must have meant Herman Cain’s Tea Party response, that was much more SNL.  Maybe he got them confused because, you know, they’re both black.

Reince Preibus himself reminds me of an SNL parody of an RNC chair.

The Republican primary debates remind me of Monty Python‘s Flying Circus.

One comment on “Did Reince Preibus Confuse Obama with Cain?

  1. ROTFL…

    The GOP is just tired of being parodied so successfully that they make desperate claims such as that. Of course he could not think of something humorous in the SOTU that might support that claim. Probably because he really doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. Constant unsubstantiated opinion is the fare of the day for the GOP and their minions.

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