A Tale of Two Attacks

Mitt knocked Newt out of the lead in Iowa with his Super PAC’s negative ads that were ad hominem attacks on Newt.  The ads reminded voters that Newt had been forced to resign his speakership, had paid a $300,000 fine for ethics violations, had done the global warming ad with Nancy Pelosi, and had gotten almost $2 million in lobbying fees from Freddie Mac.

The GOP Powers That Be didn’t have a problem with the ads.  Newt of course did, and he decided to go after Mitt in a similar ad hominem way, using his Super PAC to buy ads based on a movie critical of Mitt’s years at Bain and to put the entire film up on their web site.  Newt himself began attacking Mitt and Bain on the campaign trail.  Newt believed he was specifically and narrowly targeting Mitt’s ruthless, predatory way of doing business, not our entire capitalist system.

But a funny thing happened when Newt tried to retaliate against Mitt.  The GOP Powers That Be, who had shrugged off Mitt’s ads, had a stroke about Newt’s ads because they saw them not as business as usual, but as anti-business in general.

What Newt intended as going after Mitt personally, as Mitt had gone after him, the GOP perceived as going after the free market, which went over about as well as Newt urinating on a flag and a bible during a debate.

Newt quickly reverted to attacking Mitt as a Massachusetts Moderate, as being wrong on abortion, the gays, guns, Romneycare, etc., all the “acceptable” anti-Mitt stuff.

The GOP censored Newt in the primaries, but they won’t be able to censor Obama in the general.  The Battle of Bain has not been won, it’s just been postponed.




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