Mitt Lies About Inheritance

In tonight’s debate, Mitt said that he did not receive an inheritance from his parents.

But he told C-Span in 2006 that he did receive an inheritance when his father, George Romney, died, and he chose to donate it to Brigham Young University.  Just because you’re so rich that you give your inheritance away doesn’t mean you didn’t receive an inheritance.

He has also spoken of having to support himself when he was in graduate school at Harvard by selling stocks from his trust fund.

One comment on “Mitt Lies About Inheritance

  1. Romney may have donated the inheritance he received from his father to Brigham Young University but one must ask how old Romney was when he received the inheritance. George died in 1995 which would have made Willard about 48 years old. By age 48 we must assume that Romney had already made millions from Bain Capital. The pertinant issue is how was Romney brought up as a child, young man, college student, in France proselytizing during the Vietnam War, business school and law school educational days? Did he support himself with a paper route or did George always feed him with the silver spoon.

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