GOP Making Anti-Newt Ads for Obama

Here’s Congressman Peter King, R-NY, sounding apocalyptic about a Newt nomination and presidency:

“[I]f by some chance Newt was ever the nominee, there’s no doubt in my mind that between now and November, there would be a series of just classic political mistakes being made by Newt and the whole party would be affected by it.  If by some chance he was elected president, then for the country’s sake, we would be constantly trying to get ourselves out of crisis that Newt created in addition to the real crisis we have with China and Al Qaeda and going through the whole, the whole panoply of threats including you know, the economic crisis our country faces. So, we cannot afford Newt Gingrich this time.”  Emphasis added.

There’s a ready-made Obama ad all wrapped up with a shiny bow if Newt were the nominee.  And King hasn’t even endorsed Mitt yet!

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