Those Who Don’t Remember the Past…

Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it, which is what the GOP is doing now.

In 2008, many evangelical leaders publicly lamented that they hadn’t united behind Mike Huckabee to stop McCain.  In 2012, these same leaders don’t like Mitt Romney any more than they did McCain, yet what have they done to unite behind another candidate?  They’ve done way too little, way too late.

Mitt will win South Carolina, and skate to the nomination from there, because of the votes split among Newt and the two Ricks.  If there were one Newt Perrorum, he could defeat Mitt.

Mitt has been running for 2012 since the day he dropped out in 2008.  You think the conservatives/evangelicals would have been running too.

One comment on “Those Who Don’t Remember the Past…

  1. Willard has been running since his father lost the presidency. There is something in Willard’s past probably when he was a child that his father said or did to him to make him hate George and want to better him.
    This is psych 101!

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