Given How Much They Hate Abortions…

Given how much they hate abortions, the GOP is certainly quick and eager to abort Newt Gingrich’s and Rick Perry’s attacks on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.

Newt is now telling his Super PAC to correct the anti-Mitt movie “King of Bain:  When Mitt Romney Came to Town” or else take it off their website.  Newt is all mouth, no guts.

The GOP claims that attacks on Mitt are attacks on capitalism.  but that’s ridiculous.  It’s the same thinking that leads to cover-ups when a member of the military commits an atrocity or when pedophile priests rape children.  It’s saying that calling individual bad actors to account is an attack on the military or the Catholic Church as a whole, which is simply not true.  If Mitt perverted capitalism, it doesn’t mean capitalism is bad, it means he is.

Mitt is using his experience running Bain Capital as one of his major credentials and qualifications for becoming president.  If he’s making those claims, GOP primary voters, and the country as a whole, are justified in finding out if he’s telling the truth, which I very much doubt.

What’s on the line here isn’t capitalism, it’s Mitt’s candidacy.  So when folks from Rush Limbaugh to Rudy Giuliani to John McCain to Sean Hannity tell you they’re defending capitalism from “socialists” like Newt and Perry, don’t  buy it.  They’re just defending Mittens, and making themselves look as desperate as he does.



One comment on “Given How Much They Hate Abortions…

  1. Mitt is shit. Everyone know it and knows he’s motivated to out do his poor old dad who failed at becoming president.
    You don’t need Freud to connect these simple dots.

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