Huntsman’s Ticket Is to Utah, Not South Carolina

Jon Huntsman told his supporters in New Hampshire that he had a “ticket to ride,” but if he looks carefully, he’ll see that it goes to Utah, not South Carolina.

He started out with a three-state strategy of New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida.  He reduced that strategy to just New Hampshire and spent all his time and money there, doing the tough, traditional slog of retail politics.  He came in third, behind the other Mormon with nice hair and the whack job, and he’s done.

He’s polling in low single digits in both South Carolina and Florida, he has no organization there.  South Carolina is in 11 days, Florida in 21.

Huntsman would need his father to kick in the kind of money another billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, is kicking in for Newt.  But Jon Huntsman Sr. didn’t get as rich as he did by making bad investments.

Huntsman says he’s “in the hunt,” but if he is, he’s the poor thing running for his life away from the horses and the hounds.

One comment on “Huntsman’s Ticket Is to Utah, Not South Carolina

  1. I am sad to see this pessimism about Huntsman who in one recent debate soundbyte deeply wounded the ever conniving smarmy Romney catapulting himself into the race as a contender.
    Let’s just see how stupid the people of SC are if they give Romney a pass.
    Possibly, more will come to light about this corporate raider that will start to derail him.
    I still have hope for Huntsman.

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