The “Bah Humbug” Congress

The House Republicans are giving over-tired toddlers who hold their breath till they turn blue a bad name.  Meanwhile, more than three million Americans don’t know if they’ll get their unemployment checks after December 31, which means they don’t know if they’ll be able to buy food and pay their heating bills.  I’m sure they’re having a wonderful Christmas and Chanukah.

Eric Cantor is saying the President should go up to the Hill to negotiate the payroll tax cut/unemployment benefits/Medicare payments extension.  That’s not his job.  He’s supposed to either sign or veto the thing.  We have 535 senators and congressmen who are supposed to do the negotiating.

Cantor is also claiming that differences between the House and Senate can be resolved “in about an hour.”  Well, great, why don’t he and his big baby colleagues stop posturing and take an hour and do that?

Meanwhile, Dave Camp, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, is saying that if the Senate had just made the extension for three months, instead of two, it would have been okay.  Really?  That’s what the hold-up is?  Two months or three?

For some families, this extension is critical to their daily lives.  It’s also vital to keep the overall economy from sliding back into recession.

They are looking for a way out, a way to save face.  But it’s hard to save face when you’re a horse’s ass.

3 comments on “The “Bah Humbug” Congress

  1. philowitz says:

    “They are looking for a way out, a way to save face. But it’s hard to save face when you’re a horse’s ass.”

    Word. I can only imagine that what has happened is that the GOP caucus has been captured by the tea party insurrectionists who themselves have been captured by a handful of tea party voters who see anything less than everything they want as betrayal. And the people of the US are captured by all of this.

  2. This congress is not long for Washington and they probably know it.

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