Some Blunt, Honest Talk

The Concord Monitor has endorsed Jon Huntsman and also spoken the sad truth about Newtie and Mitt:

“With Gingrich, voters would get an unpredictable, unprincipled nominee and, should he be elected, a white-knuckle four years of an imperial presidency.  With Romney, they wouldn’t know who they would get:  the moderate Mitt who was once pro-choice, in favor of a health-care mandate, a supporter of the auto industry bailout and a believer that human activity was contributing to climate change — or the newly conservative Romney, who opposes abortion, claims the reason for climate change is unknown, opposes a health insurance mandate and claims that bailing out Detroit was a mistake.”

As for Huntsman:

“Huntsman, a consistent but never doctrinaire conservative, would present the greatest challenge to Obama.  If elected, he would provide mature, informed and steady leadership.  He has a track record as governor of bringing all sides together to create an economic climate that helped his state prosper. … Combine the foreign policy experience of all the other candidates in the race and Huntsman would top it.”



4 comments on “Some Blunt, Honest Talk

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    At this point, I would seriously look to vote for Huntsman over Obama simply because after three full years, Obama has demonstrated an inability to work with congress to get things done. Of course congress is largely responsible for the many impasses but the singular job of the president is to be the chief executice and lead the country forward. And he must find ways to do that, not simply say to the American people that Congress isn’t playing fair.

    I haven’t made up my mind because Nov. 2012 is still far off. I do know that the clowns of the current circus of republican candidates will fold the big tent pretty soon.

  2. Roni Jordan says:

    Who knows, maybe reason will overcome blind stupidity.

  3. I like John Huntsman as an alternative to Obama. But the other clowns have to put down the Big Tent and and rude the circus rails into oblivion.

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