Meanwhile, over at SarahPAC

While we’ve all been busy laughing at the House Republicans, Sarah Palin has posted a message on her PAC site wishing you a Merry Christmas.  Actually more than wishing, more like insisting.  Even if you’re Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist:

“My family and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  I offer this to all because Christmas is a holiday for all, whether you are a Christian believer or not.

No, moron, Christmas is a holiday for those who celebrate the birth of Christ and believe him to be the son of God.  If you look really hard, you’ll notice the word “Christ” right there in the word Christmas.  It’s kind of a big clue whom Christmas is for.

One comment on “Meanwhile, over at SarahPAC

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    It boggles the mind what passes out of her lips from the silly putty stuffed in her head. Remember how you could take a piece of silly putty and press it against the newspaper funnies to transfer the image? That’s how she processes information.

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