Iowa’s Message

The Powers That Be are saying that if Ron Paul wins Iowa, it will cost Iowa Republicans credibility and undercut the importance and relevance of the Iowa Caucuses, not just this year, but in cycles to come.

Look, Iowans know that Ron Paul isn’t going to be the Republican nominee.  He’s not even really a Republican, he’s a Liberterian, and should be running on that ticket.  They know that we are not going to nominate an isolationist, who would pretty much unilaterally disarm and retreat from a dangerous world, who would abolish the Federal Reserve and return us to the gold standard.

But they also know that they are not going to determine the outcome of the race, that they are just setting the tone.  And that tone is one of anger at the state of the country in general and disgust with this unimpressive Republican field in particular.  They rejected Romney the Phony in 2008 and weren’t thrilled to see his little plastic face return for 2012.

Iowa should not be dismissed or scorned.  As Alex the Parrot would say, it is telling the GOP to “try better.”

2 comments on “Iowa’s Message

  1. Wasn’t it the Beatles who said, “give peace a chance”?
    Give Paul a chance.

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