The Good 1%

The war in Iraq is officially over.  Except of course for the families of the 4,500 service men and women who were killed.  It will never end for them.  Nor will it end for the wounded and their families.

However we feel about the war, the 99% of us who bore no share of the burden owe an enormous debt to the 1% who serve, who go on deployment after deployment after deployment.  They are the “good 1%.”

There are no celebrations here, but I expect they’re celebrating in Tehran, since Iran will turn out to be the real winner.

In return for handing them a weakened Iraq, you’d think Iran would return our drone, the one that “wandered” across the border from Afghanistan.   If Perry were president, he could just call Ahmadinejad and say Oops.

Anybody think President Obama will wake up Christmas morning to find it under the tree with a big red bow?  Me either.


2 comments on “The Good 1%

  1. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    Chaney the moron suggested as an option that we “air strike ” the drone. Of course he wouldn’t give a damn if thousands of civilians were killed in the process. If we want the damn thing back, send in special ops. Again, special ops is the answer to all military action now. It’s secret, it’s highly professional, the men and women in those special ops units are volunteers who live for those moments. The casualties would be limited because of their skill factor. They are the gladiators of our age, but voluntarily, not at the direction or order of a “Comodus.”

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