Newtie Is Winning the Fox News Primary

Fox News is supporting Newt over Mitt.

Tonight on Hannity, Sarah Palin, wearing the most God-awful $19.95 wig you’ve ever seen, said that the GOP should choose the one who would go after Obama with the most passion.  “Passion” is becoming code for preferring Newt, and given his trail of wives and mistresses, it seems an apt choice.

Then Rudy Giuliani came on and said that the Republican candidates should not bash each other, but should focus their attacks on Obama.  In the very next breath, before you could even say “9/11,” Rudy proceeded to tear into Mitt.  He said that Mitt’s flip-flopping showed weakness and that he would do what was popular rather than what was good for the country.

Rudy said that it would take just one NYT editorial criticizing Mitt, just one, for him to buckle and then Iran would destroy Israel and us.  It was not a pretty picture, in fact it was as horrifying as Palin’s wig.

2 comments on “Newtie Is Winning the Fox News Primary

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    I didn’t see the wig, but it reminds me of a recent New Yorker cartoon – “The best things in life are free; the worst are $19.95”

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