I Like Jon Huntsman, But…

Jon Huntsman said that he was skipping Mike Huckabee’s candidates’ forum on Fox News tonight because “We’re going to stay focused on the endpoint — that’s winning New Hampshire.”

Um, Jon, Huckabee’s show is broadcast in New Hampshire.

You’d assume from that quote that rather than go to New York City tonight, Huntsman is in New Hampshire.  Actually, he’s in North Carolina.


One comment on “I Like Jon Huntsman, But…

  1. Again young bolster, can’t you see that Huntsman is just having fun and practicing for the real race of his life in 2016. He’s ceded this one to Obama and really doesn’t want to associate or be under the big top on the same stage as this current group of moronic clowns minus the biggest moronic clown of all, the Cain mutiny unto himself.

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